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Praying Powerful Prayers

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  • Do we want to pray powerful prayers? |
  • Is anything hindering our prayers? |
  • Does God bless people through our prayers? |
  • Do we walk in the counsel of the wicked? |
  • Would we like to be surrounded by God's favor? |
  • Do we want eternal blessings from the Lord? |
  • Who receives blessing from the Lord? |
  • Does sin interfere with God's blessing? |
  • Is God hearing our cry? |
  • Are we seeking God's protection? |
  • Are our prayers filled with praise? |
  • Are we dwelling in the house of the Lord? |
  • Are we praying with strength? |
  • Do our feet ever slip? |
  • Do we constantly do what is right? |
  • Do we fear the Lord? |
  • Are we obeying God's commands? |
  • Are we seeking the Lord? |
  • Are we living in unity? |
  • Our prayer for blessing. |